Providing Alternative Homeschool and Remote Opportunities

and Support for Experienced Educators 

Ivy Island Educators is growing a mobile network of experienced educators with degrees from four-year undergraduate institutions and graduate schools in education, psychology, or human development and related fields to provide in-home and remote homeschool teaching, homeschool tutoring, and homework help.

Ivy Island educators will be provided with onboarding, ongoing, and end of program trainings and workshops. Direct supervision of educators will take place in the form of monthly check-ins and progress reports. Contact us today to learn more.


  • Ivy island educators will have a professional foundation to support their own academic, personal/social, and career goals as well as growth mindsets

  • Our educators will decrease their own risk for a gap in achievement and employment opportunities during this challenging time, particularly for educators, students, and alumni of color

  • Diverse educators are provided with a platform to enter or continue in the field of education and/or related fields and to gain experience while developing skills for future professional foundations

  • We make the jobs of school counselors easier to accomplish by allowing them to focus more direct attention towards students with “Tier 3” status, who require specialized behavior and planning programs in school


  • We aim to move students from “Tier 3” status to “Tier 2”, which includes students who typically require less specialized planning and some small-group counseling

  • We aim to move students from “Tier 2” status to “Tier 1”, which includes all students in the general population.


  • We build young, diverse people’s professional networks


  • We share access to privileged educational resources to diverse communities

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