Academic, behavioral, and career support beyond the classroom 

from experienced teachers, social educators, and positive influencers

Children need academic, behavioral, and career support beyond the classroom from social educators and positive influencers; not from social influencers.


If youth who attend public and private schools in your area demonstrate early warning indicators (i.e. as identified in schools’ specific student improvement plans) and other youth members who participate in Ivy Island Educators’ services are matched with and supported by Ivy Island Educators (i.e. effectively through our program), then these Ivy Island Students will demonstrate improvement in achievement, attendance, and behavior goals and/or academic, personal/social, and career goals, benefitting from educators’ direct services year-round.

Our Framework, Curriculum, Toolbox, and Program Handbook will provide Ivy Island Educators with the keys to succeed as in-home or remote mentors and guidance figures. Our educators undergo background checks and come to us highly credentialed, highly referred, and demonstrate the ability to positively affect students' academic, behavioral, and career development. They will provide the highest quality, targeted solutions to families' everyday problems.