Depending on your needs, we will initiate a comprehensive search for top prospects who match your profile. We can also help to provide additional options if you have already started looking for an educator on your own.

Standard Search ($350 for 31 days)

We provide a 31-day paid search for optimizing the widest variety and greatest chances of selecting the highest quality educators in your area for long-term success. This option is ideal for families planning ahead for the year or the semester with an emphasis on long-term relationship-building. Without imminent time constraints and pressures to simply "check the standard tutor box", we can most thoroughly evaluate candidates near you, yielding the largest pool of qualified applicants.


Expedited Search ($250 for 20 days)

This 20-day paid search to identify high quality options in your area in a timely manner is ideal for families that have begun searching and need some professional guidance from someone immersed in the daily market for educators. This is a great in-between option for conjuring up a larger pool of great applicants, great for maintaining haste and maximizing potential for finding tutors/teachers near you.


Express Search ​($200 for 15 days)

This includes a 15-day paid search for immediate options in your area. It is ideal for families that may have exhausted their personal search to-date or who may be pressed for time with an increasingly busy schedule. This is the quickest, recommended option for finding candidates from a small sample size of educators seeking jobs at the time of your search. While it can be cost-effective if circumstances permit, results certainly depend on the number of active jobseekers in the market for an opportunity like yours.


Custom Search ($85 for 5 days)

You choose how much to spend on promoting your search through our platforms and search engines. If you are serious about finding a high quality match on super short notice, this may be your best bet.

  • This one-time engagement fee immediately initiates a comprehensive search to capture the attention of top prospects near you so you can continue to focus on parenting full-time.

  • We guide your search by pre-screening candidates, sharing our top picks from a shortlist, and assisting both you and the educator through final steps in the contracting process.

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