Academic, behavioral, and career support beyond the classroom 

from experienced teachers, social educators, and positive influencers

A Mobile Network of Experienced Educators 

In order to address the needs of students and families in the face of evolving educational challenges, Ivy Island Educators is growing a mobile network of individuals with degrees from four-year undergraduate institutions and graduate school degrees in education, psychology, or human development and related fields to provide in-home and remote homeschool teaching, homeschool tutoring, and homework help. We possess extensive qualifying experiences working in education, youth services, and alternative childcare settings.


We extend educational consulting services to local families, with an explicit focus on homeschool teaching, homeschool tutoring, and homework help. Educators emphasize academic skill building, social/emotional development, and career readiness for young learners. Our educators demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. We come to you or utilize remote options for one-on-one assistance and learning in small pods.

Individualized Support

Whether you are looking for a teacher to instruct your child full time, an occasional supplemental class, or regular tutoring in a specific subject area, Ivy Island Educators are here to positively influence your child. We provide individualized, professional support and guidance for children in grades Pre-K through 12. 


Shaping Young Learners 

During critical periods of academic, behavioral, and career development, young learners need highly trained individuals possessing exceptional character and the abilities to shape them to be successfully positioned for positively impacting the future of the world we live in. That is one way we will be able to bridge gaps in socioeconomic discrepancies and inequities in education systems in a permanent and much needed way.

Academic and Social Learning

Our educators emphasize academic skill building, social/emotional development, and career readiness for all young learners. Adding a unique perspective and frame of reference to the creative process, academic and social learning, as well as school work, our diverse team of educators are ready to meet your family!

  • ​Homeschool Teaching + Tutoring

  • Homework help

  • Time management

  • Organizational skills

  • Academic skill building

  • Next grade-level readiness

  • One-on-one support

  • Social/emotional development

  • Growth mindset

  • Mentoring