Homeschool Helpers


We serve families in the greater Miami area seeking guidance and professional support during extended school closures.

We help families with children in grades K-12, with a focus on homeschool teaching, homeschool tutoring, and homework help.

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Kids Reading Outdoor


In order to address the needs of students and families in the face of evolving educational challenges, Ivy Island Educators is growing a mobile network of individuals with degrees from four-year undergraduate institutions and graduate school degrees in education, psychology, or human development and related fields to provide in-home and remote homeschool teaching, homeschool tutoring, and homework help. We possess extensive qualifying experiences working in education, youth services, and alternative childcare settings.


We extend educational consulting services to local families, with an explicit focus on homeschool teaching, homeschool tutoring, and homework help. Educators emphasize academic skill building, social/emotional development, and career readiness for young learners. Our educators demonstrate the highest level of professionalism. We come to you or utilize remote options for one-on-one assistance.


Founder and CEO, Harlen Shangold, moved to Miami in 2017 after earning his Master’s degree in Prevention Science & Practice at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After involving himself in the community as a passionate young educator, he began to reflect on his new experiences of working privately for families during after-school hours as an in-home mentor, homework helper, and guidance figure for youth and families in the greater Miami area. He also saw the need for positive youth influencers in parts of Miami in which he had been working and beyond, especially for young people of color, and for boys of color in particular.